Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let's all flash back to the year of my birth

Ok, this is easily the greatest thing that's happened to me in, like, a month.
When we were little, my parents had a friend named Tuan, and in my mind, I always associated him with this quality flick....
which any of you who were born before 1982 or who had rad parents that made you watch it will remember. But, obviously, my parents' friend Tuan had nothing to do with this movie, except that he was friends with them at around roughly the same time (we're talking, like, within ten years) as I first saw it. Children are impressionable, and make weird connections. Plus, Tuan sounds kind of like Tron.
So there's this guy in my class named Tron Somethingpolysyllabic (I don't even jest, it's at least five syllables, that last name) and I've spent the whole semester wondering if he was named after the movie, but how do you broach a subject like that with someone you don't even know? I ask you. Anyways, today was the 2nd last day of classes, and so I ballsed up and marched over and said 'Tron, what nationality are you?' and of course he's Dutch because they always are, and so I asked 'Is Tron a common name among the Dutch?' And because I'm really bad at foreshadowing you've probably already guessed, but he said 'No, actually, there's this Disney movie' and then I interrupted him with a cry of glee, because how awesome is that? His dad loved the movie SO MUCH that he named his firstborn son after it. That's dedication. And some sort of tolerant wifery.

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September said...

Well, I was named after the book September by Rosamunde Pilcher, which my mother read while pregnant.
I mean, my name could just as easily been War and Peace.