Friday, August 24, 2007

Yesterday I...

- speed-wrote an exam (either meaning that I totally knew my stuff, or that I had no idea and just put 'c' for every answer)

- tubed down the Vedder River (apparently the thing to do on hot days in Chilliwack)

- fell out of my tube and nearly drowned and got my legs smashed up on some rocks

- visited with my in-laws

- locked myself in their door-handle-less bathroom and had to call for my husband to come rescue me

- went to emergency to get my foot x-rayed because suddenly it wouldn't bear my weight (just a bruise, *phew*)

- had an exhausting dream about this guy that I had to stab with an extra-long sword (I forget why, I think he was trying to kill me or something, but he was also a friend of mine, and so I felt bad about having to stab him with an extra-long sword, but he kept not dying and as long as he wasn't dying, I had keep an eye on him, because he was trying to kill me, even though he was my friend AND he was dying, and we would have these extremely civil conversations while he was bleeding everywhere and I was wary and every so often I would have to stab him some more with my extra-long sword and I think he had a knife on him somewhere. Joel and I just watched 'Gangs of New York,' in which many people get stabbed in the midst of a civil conversation, but that was a few days ago, and I've watched 'Tron' and several episodes of 'Scrubs' since then, so if anything, I should be dreaming about hilarious residency or getting sucked into a video game, which, hello, AWEsome. Not stabbing).

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