Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It appears that inventing slang and then claiming it for your own is the thing to do these days (see: Joe Mathlete, and also every fourteen-year-old on the planet). Everyone seems a little afraid that someone else will start using their words, and then get all the credit, and the inventor will look lame because they are using second-hand cliches. Or maybe they're just worried that when the time-capsule of the Internet is unearthed by aliens in 3409, someone else's name will be attached to their verbal creation in the slanguage dictionary the aliens are sure to create.

So, it is with an eye towards posterity that I claim the following words for the Plett clan:

Larf (v): to laugh so hard that one vomits. Found most commonly in drunks.

larfing, larfed, larfs

Yarf (v): to begin with a yawn, changing abrubtly to a suspicious cough or full-blown vomit at the apex of the yawn. Found most commonly in cats and overweight dogs.

yarfing, yarfed, yarfs

fig. 1

Let the claim be so staked.

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