Thursday, August 30, 2007

I could have cooked on the kitchen floor

Me dears, I am home. Do not believe the lies of my Facebook status. Internet was rampant at the old Sun Peaks. However, to avoid developing that particular shade of computer-flesh-grey and looking horrible in all my vacation pictures (like this one),
I convinced myself that the wireless was down, and that my blog would just have to wait til I got home (aside: I'm totally faking it in this picture. A hurricane couldn't blow that dandylion apart. Those seed-pods you see floating on the wind? I ripped them out and chucked them right before the picture was taken).

Our vacation was bookended by the Chilliwack Superstore (on the way there to pick up treats and eats, on the way back to re-stock our surly home-cupboards). Massive franchises like Superstore and Walmart are a bit of a head-trip: Every new one is enough the same to make you think you're in your old familiar store, but enough different to feel like you've stepped through some sort of space-time continuum. The Superstore in Chilliwack is laid out exactly like the Superstore in Abbotsford, but they don't carry certain things, like low-fat yogurt, and where the bulk foods should be, there's soda and chips, and I must have stood in front of the cheeses for ten minutes wondering if it could possibly be true, that cheese in Chilliwack only comes in sliced and whiz, before a man with an infant sidled up behind me and whispered, 'Looking for the hard cheeses? They're in back, by the deli' as though a block of mild cheddar were an ounce of cocaine.

Now watch as I switch subjects without a segue....whap-bam! Here I go! Our honeymoon in Mexico was awesome because, come on, we're in Mexico, and you can swim up to the bar. The accomodations were, however, a tad rustic. I knew that Joel had hoped for better, so I was pleased as punch when our Sun Peaks resort (who could go ahead and pay me now for this post, because I am about to rave, except that I can't remember the name of the place...Stone's Throw, or something) looked like this:

Lush, no? What you don't see here is that the entrance-way tiles were heated. As were the tiles in the fully-stocked kitchen (they had a SALAD-SPINNER, people! I never knew drying lettuce could be so much fun! Wheeeee!) and both the bathrooms. And the bathrooms numbered in the both's! We went for a run on Wednesday, and when we got back there was no 'you go shower, I'm going to stretch out for a, you shower, I want to eat, let me shower, I have class in twenty minutes...quit hogging the damn shower, some of us have things to do!' because we could shower in tandem. Also what you don't see here is our flat-screen tv WITH CABLE, and when you don't have cable at home, being able to watch back-to-back episodes of Family Guy is almost as great as having a hot tub and BBQ on your deck. Especially if you've just crawled out of the hot tub on your deck to eat your BBQ'd burgers and watch back-to-back episodes of Family Guy.

And because it was a two-bedroom suite, Joel could practice the song-that-he's-playing-for-his-sister's-wedding-and-that-I-never-want-to-hear-again in one room, and I could read this book

(which is, sadly, not as fabulous as this book,

but was at least long enough to take three days to read) in the other room, or in the living room, or on the patio. And then we could reconvene so that I could Boggle his ass (he cheats, and writes down words that probably aren't words but sound like words, and so I started doing that too, just so that we didn't have to have the 'that isn't a real word' conversation because, word or not, I also had it and we had to cross it out. Nobody gets points) and so that he could cream me at Ticket to Ride and so we could play a long and leisurely game of UFO because, until now, the Earthling has never won. It doesn't matter who plays the Earthling, Alienity always triumphs.

With nothing but time on our hands, this is what we came up with to do: see if it were possible for Joel (hands down the better gamer, and I totally kind of take pride in saying that, because who's the bigger nerd? Not me) to beat me at this game.

He didn't.

Ok, so it's kind of disappointing to walk in my front door and not have heated tiles, and to have to wait my turn to pee, and to go back to eating real meals and not just Mini-Pepperoni-sticks and popsicles, but home is sweet home, and I am more than glad to trade this

in for this.Home is, after all, where your oversized-but-completely-necessary bed is.


September said...

You like Boggle?
Why did you marry that guy?
You should have married ME!
I love Boggle!

I have never been beat at Boggle.
I'm like, the Boggle Queen.

'that guy' said...

You do realize that this is a public blog? I take offense to your comment. I suggest you practice some sensorship in you comments