Sunday, August 26, 2007

Five down...

...three to go.

This has been the summer of weddings. Granted, we started the landslide in late April, but since then three of my friends have tied the knot, and this afternoon Joel's cousin Ryan was joined in holy matrimony to the lovely Emily (her family's British, and their speeches may have been dull, but I couldn't tell, because they were given in British, and I could listen to people read the freakin' phone book in British).

Nothing really awesome happened, I have no really funny stories to tell you. Joel's mom knocked over a glass of wine while gesticulating wildly. It was funny at the time. Um...I wore a cute frock and these darling shoes...yeeeeeeeeeeeah. I'm pretty bagged, y'all. Weddings are exhausting, even if they aren't yours. Maybe especially if they aren't yours, because you aren't buoyed up on all that adrenaline and cocaine. And next weekend, Joel's best friend gets married, and then the weekend after that, his sister gets married, and the weekend after that (I'm not even joking), his other best friend gets married. Then we have a luxurious four-and-a-half months off of buying people presents and mazel tov-ing them until mine own frere gets hisself a wife. Phew.

So, Joel and I are going on a bit of a vaycay, heading out to Sun Peaks for some serious lazing. There's only a week or so left before school, so we have got to relax hard. I'm not sure if they have Internet there...I'm pretty sure they just invented door hinges out that way. Alls that to say you may not hear from me until Thursday. Or if, like, my fingers all get smashed in the new door hinge in some sort of hilarious irony, then maybe ever.

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