Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's OVER!!

Joel had his last final exam on Monday, so since then he's just been hanging around and getting in my hair while I feverishly write papers. However, today I handed in my last two papers and rattled off a presentation. To celebrate, we enjoyed some celebratory steak, with celebratory asparagus and some delicious celebratory potatoes, followed by some celebratory Bourne Ultimatum. I tell you, there are fewer ways I would rather spend two hours than watching Jason Bourne kickin' ass and takin' names. Plus, Julia Stiles almost gets shot, and her stunt double takes three elbows to the face! I tell you now, you need to go see this movie. Many cars are crashed.

In honor of the semester being over (well, almost. I still have a final next Thursday, but who really cares?), I thought I'd leave you with some of the loopy statements that resulted from the stress of the past few weeks:

Joel: Would you love me less if I went and played some tennis right now?

Me: Nope! Would you love me less if I told you I was a level-14 Facebook Pirate?

Joel:...Maybe a little.


Me: Sleep is for the weak.


Joel: You need to go put on, like, eight more hoodies before you go to class.


Me: This cake tastes like diabetes.


Joel: Do you want some Mr. Noodle-flavored chips?


Joel: You look like Jabba the Hut.


Jane said...

I saw Jason tonight too! So glad we were in the last, top, most farthest away from the screen row. Holy cow. Talk about blurry high speed action and pure male hotness.

OH MY GOODNESS! Know what my word verification word is? asjaon. ASJAON. That's A JASON mixed up ...

Nater said...

My wife and I saw the Bourne Ultimatum for our 3 year anniversary, and enjoyed it well. Particularly the ending song. On the first movie they have the music video as a bonus feature, and the song was in my head for a whole day afterward.