Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gifties from yonder.

Ok so, I've had the flu, which is unpleasant.  Also a lot of things due this week, which is worse.  But I handed my thesis in today after trimming 260 words off to get it below the word count (which was difficult.  I needed all those words).  So that's good.

Also, when I am too sick to leave the house, no one gets the mail which means MUCH MAIL when I am well again (I am mostly well.  I had things to hand in, which is why I showered and dressed and went to class), including a PACKAGE from PRAGUE!

I had planned on doing a whole photo-spread of the gifties but then Joel put his tie clip away somewhere and I packed the Christmas ornament from Bethlehem (!) into our Christmas stuff without thinking and then we ate the Lion bar even though I still feel seedy, but LOOKIT.  Earrings!

They look like spines.  Or ribs.  They feed into my love of the skeletal, anyway(which reminds me that this is the year I need to find Sam Skellington a pair of bunny ears for Easter.  He has the exact wrong head size for everything).

Thanks, Mike and Leah!  You'll have to come over for goulash when you get home, and then translate the instructions on the back of the goulash packages, because I don't speak Czech.

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leahandmichael said...

yippee!! i thought you'd like those earrings :) and the goulash packets are just seasoning. you can basically use it in stew or if you want i can email you instructions OR i can make it for you when i get home!! enjoy!