Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy sandwich

Happy thing:

Casey and Lara got married! That's the last wedding now until February (rad), and it was lurvly despite having been reassembled in a few days. Also, check out the bridesmaids.
Cute, no? So much less than hideous. This is something I would strut the town in (the skirts are, in real life, grey and matte, not green and shiny. Cameras are funny). Check the teeny lace gloves.

Sad thing:

Father William passed on. Here he is, while he still lived, gazing at himself in the glass. Rest in peace, you white, whiskery, narcissistic darling.

Happy thing:

My dad disassembled the laptop to clean out the fan so that it would stop making that whirring, grinding noise. It now whirrs maybe half as loud, and kicks in about a quarter as often. No one in my class today sat up and looked around as if to say 'What is that noise? Do you hear that?' every five minutes. It was awesome. Also, a new version of Microsoft Office is on its way to my house RIGHT NOW! It will replace my fabulous Office 2000. I am in the lap of luxury.

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