Saturday, October 20, 2007

My dollar can beat up your dollar

Remember when you'd get an American quarter back in your change, and you'd think, sweet, I just made, like, an eighth of a cent! And how now when you get an American quarter back in your change, you feel ripped off?

So, I went into the bank today with my sixty Canadian dollars, and came out with sixty American dollars and seventy-one American cents. What did I buy with those American dollars and cents? I bought three books (David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas and his Black Swan Green, which are both amazing books, and Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers, which is about what happens to bodies when they die) because books are fabulous and cheap down south, and I bought a shirt at Old Navy for four dollars, because if you are extra-small or extra-large, you can shop in the discount section, and I bought a taco on the way down, and a Sourdough Jack on the way back, and we stopped at Edaleen Dairy where a cone is a dollar and a child's cone is thirty-five cents, and yes I did get two child's cones because then your two flavors aren't touching. And I coated myself in various hand creams from the Bath & Body Works, and now I'm horribly fragrant.

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