Saturday, October 20, 2007

A handful of updates

Greets, all. Sorry for the three-day silence over on this end, but I've had things to do. Things that rhyme with ridterms and pesearch mapers, and aren't very interesting. A few things of note have happened, and you may read about them below.

Remember this guy? The guy who painted the curb yellow so that people wouldn't park across the street from his house? Remember the mushroom manure truck? Shocking new development, people. The mushroom manure truck BELONGS TO THIS GUY!!! Yes, let me reiterate: he is using up ALL of the road-parking-space that isn't across from his house, and then chewing people out for parking across from his house. It's like if I ate half of the communal pie, and then when Joel went to get a piece, I was all 'Hey, don't eat that! That's my half of the pie!'

Also, remember when that woman asked me if I could turn the volume of my laptop's fan down? So, I didn't bring the laptop to class the following week because I don't need that kind of antagonism, and the week after was Thanksgiving, so, no class, and then this past Monday I bring old Ahsley to class because she's quieter(ish), and I sit down and pull her out and the woman says to me, in all seriousness...'Is that thing going to make noise again? Because if it is, I'm going to beat it.' it? With a hammer? Your fists? Your really bad attitude? For real.

Nothing else exciting is going on, except that my one eyebrow is molting again. And I have chronic headaches from all the computer-screen-staring that I do. And two more of Joel's fish died, but ever since Father William passed, I can't bring myself to care. And I drove to Walmart.

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Robyn Bishop said...

I hope your drive to walmart went better than your drive on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere in Saskatchewan (and by that I mean I hope you stayed on the road)