Monday, October 15, 2007

It's as though I'd forgotten about one of my children.

Hey there, folken. So, over the weekend I remembered that I have a second blog! One where I talk about books! I know, crazy, hey? So I spent a few hours that I should have spent writing papers fiddling around over there. You should go check it out, link's on the right. There's this awesome widget full of books that I want to read, and if you click the 'Good Reads' at the bottom of that, it'll take you to my bookshelf (i.e. every book I've ever read or am reading or want to read) and then you should make your own bookshelf, and then we should be book-friends. It's quite fun.

Other things I did this weekend, when I should have been comparing and contrasting the thoughts of Carlyle, Mill, and Arnold on personal freedom, include helping the landlords build the Great Wall of Saysomsack (they're landscaping their backyard, I wish I'd taken before-and-after pictures because it's coming along exHAUSTingly. I mean...radly) and partaking in a fabulous steak dinner. For reals, any of you want me to come help you landscape, and then to feed me steak? You just gotta come pick me up first, because I still don't drive.

Also, I spent more time than is natural in my pink bathrobe and slippers, shaking my fist and telling kids to get off my lawn.

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