Friday, October 12, 2007

Little known fact

Dear Internet,

Did you know that Bekah and I are twins? It's ok. We only just discovered it ourselves. Fraternal twins, obviously. She is blonde. AND she was crazy late (about a year-and-a-half), while I was mad early (also about a year-and-a-half), but that, I think, only accentuates our twinness. Like how Ashley Olsen is all chic and kind of fabulous, and Mary-Kate is a bit of a scruffy rag-bag who can't be convinced to eat food. Different, see? Likewise, we (being twins) are different. But similar. Because we are twins. I present, for your examination, some of our twin-features.

Exhibit A: Squinty eyes and double-chins

Exhibit B: Troll-doll hair

Exhibit C: Deep nostrils

Exhibit D: This is a re-enactment of our womb-phase. See how her enlongated nose fits neatly against my truncated one? Like puzzle pieces.

Now, I know what you're saying, Internet. Similar features (as evidenced above) can be found amongst siblings (see: Joel's entire family), and re-enactments can be falsified. However, all doubt has been removed with this, Exhibit E: An ultra-sound of us actually IN THE WOMB, still in our aquarius state.

Undeniable, no?


Rebekah said...

i laugh heartily.
The womb is my favourite. I sat for a minute chuckling and imagining us in the womb as mermaid/octopus. I'm still laughing. Maybe it's the cold medicine.

Julie W. said...

Thanks for the laugh! Your blog is so fun to read!

Anonymous said...

I've never known twins born a year and a half apart. You should totally, like, be in the Guiness Book of World Fake Records.