Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The latest fad is foetuses

A few years ago, everyone I knew was getting married. Even though people are still getting married (see: the eight weddings I went to this summer besides my own), it seems like now the thing to do is have babies. Except Robyn. She's not having a baby. I asked her tonight, because hey, who knows? But she's not.

And neither am I. It's hard not to catch the baby fever, when all of my friends are such adorable pregnant ladies, and I think that I, too, will be adorable when I am pregnant, because even a sasquatch, I think, would be adorable pregnant. The only things not adorable pregnant are spiders, and they are not adorable ever. Or even tolerable.

I cannot have babies now. Joel and I just got married, and we're still working through married things. We aren't ready to work through baby things yet. Also, I have things to do that you can't do after you have a baby. Like finish school in peace. And eat a cookie without someone eyeing you, following it from the box to your mouth, and asking if they, too, can please have one. And wear a bikini to the beach. I have some very cute bikinis.

I hope we have boys. My biggest fear is having all girls, and ending up with, like, eight, because we keep trying for a boy. My second biggest fear is having both boys and girls, but having the girls take after Joel, and the boys take after me, all thin and afraid of spiders and not good at sports. Or if they're all an equal blend: Joel's chisled jaw and my rounded nose...uggers.

I hope we have boys, and they all look like Joel. What with his profusion of dominant traits (brown hair, brown eyes, etc.) I figure my recessive traits (green eyes, reddish hair, freckle-pox) will all get stomped out anyways. I do hope for one girl at the end, one that looks like me. I'd like some proof that I was present at the moment of delivery. To look at my family, you'd think my parents had just stepped out for a jug of milk when the three of us were born. Dark-haired, olive-skinned, blue-eyed brother; tall, blonde, fabulously fair sister; me. We don't even look like second cousins.

In the end, I guess that's the fun of it. Seeing which bits of my DNA and which bits of Joel's survive the selection process. It'll be like a game, and a fun game, but a game that I can totally wait to play.


Unknown said...

Me Too!

Rebekah Joy Plett said...

I would like to remind you of this photo:
and that we are, in fact, siblings. At least you and Matt are.