Saturday, March 19, 2011

In which things get way better at the end.

Let it be taken as axiomatic that I hate running.  Let it further be stated, however, that I hate writing this paper orders of magnitude more than I hate running, and that rather than work on it I went for a run IN THE SUNSHINE with stupid Ke$ha blaring at me (seriously, sometimes that girl sounds so disaffected I want to smack her).

But this paper.  It is taking forever because I have to think everything through three times before I put it down, and then have to follow it immediately with some sort of That is not to say that the patriarchial hegemonic discourse etc.  It will be half paper and half me covering my ass.

In other, cheerier news, someone I know met their puppy-to-be today, and in exactly two weeks *I* will meet that puppy, and I will snuggle its face with my face.

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Shari said...

When I read your posts I can imagine you sitting across from me talking. I miss you Rachel!