Sunday, March 20, 2011

A more difficult new trick.

Ok so sometimes to soothe myself I go for runs and sometimes I bake tasty treats and overall it evens out.  (Right?)

I bought a bag of Meyer lemons the other day because they were beautiful

but now I'm all, Lemons, hey?  So today I made a graham cracker crust (i.e. crust for lazy people)

some lemon curd (photo omitted due to partial botching and general unattractiveness) and merangue.  Meringue?  Merannnng?  Egg whites.

My first ever one (two) of these.  Since Joel and I like treats even when there are no guests, I'm an old hand at making full-dessert portions into half-dessert portions (ok, this is technically 2/3 of a pie, but we will each only be eating one of them, so we're each only eating 1/3 of a pie, savvy?).

I couldn't get the egg whites as stiff as I wanted (I blame the supermoon) and I may later wish I had cooked them longer.  But for now they sit on the counter and taunt and wait until after dinner.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

Updated: 6:45 pm

The lemon was only botched for attractiveness, not for deliciousness, so that's fine.  It did switch places with the crust (for which I also blame the supermoon) so I would probably balls up and make a real crust next time.  The mer...the egg whites were perfect though.

At least I got the difficult bit right.  The other bits I can do better next time.

Thanks for nothing, supermoon.

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Tikabelle said...

Dang. I am jealous of Joel right about now. If only I had a smart little husband to make me lemon meraaaanggg! :D