Thursday, March 10, 2011

Slowest movie-watchers ever.

Remember how we have Netflix now?  We are early sleepers so it usually takes us two nights (or more) to get through a movie.  We've been watching the Rocky films because I haven't seen them, and they are surprisingly funny and fairly sweet.  I misted up at the end of Rocky II.  Also, each Rocky contains at least two training montages and one airing of 'Eye of the Tiger' or a reasonable facimile.  I like.

We just finished the one where he fights the Russian automaton.  I especially enjoyed the bit where they're holding a press conference and the automanton's younger brother with make-up wife is all, You think that we are so evil and you are so good, that we are so vicious and you are somehow so virtuous, and Joel and I are like, Yes, that is an apt description of the American mentality.  How astute, Rocky IV.  But somehow this very sensible observation just feeds the Russians are eeeeevil maw.  The following training montage shows the Russian training with Science (there are graphs and hilarious, Shopping-Network-esque workout machines, and things that go Bleep bloop!) and Rocky chopping logs and hauling sleds of rock over snowy terrain as if to say They may be kicking our asses technologically, but we have, you know, heart.  USA! USA! USA!

Last night we finished Diary of a Wimpy Kid and watched a documentary on Tool/A Perfect Circle/Pucifer front man Maynard James Keenan who apparently owns and operates a vineyard and winery in Arizona now.  I couldn't tell if he was making fun of the documentary format, or making fun of me for caring what a rock star does in his spare time, or making fun of rock stars or oinologists or himself or whatever but there are ironic, jokey bits that suggest he is making fun of someone.  Something is not being taken entirely seriously here, and it's unnerving not to be able to nail it down.

On the other hand, I would like to fondle a large batch of grapes now.

Movie-ing on!


Morgan said...

That is the best description of that training montage ever. I laughed out loud, and then nervously gave thanks I have my own office so fewer people probably heard me...

Rebekah Joy Plett said...