Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today has been springy, please send more of the same.

Many things are good.

I handed in the first draft of my theory paper yesterday, so now I don't have to think about it for a week.

My second reader got back to me (via my supervisor, who I emailed slightly panicked yesterday morning) and has no suggestions for revision (what? and also woot.) so now I don't have to think about my thesis until I go defend it in two weeks.  I will probably still poke at it, taking semi-colons out and putting them back in, but I don't have to.

Grandma is still hanging in there, so I might get to see her again in a week and a half when I go see my sister's new house and new puppy AIEEEE PUPPIES!

Joel is on-call tonight, which is bad, but it means I will have popcorn and cake for dinner, which is good.

I had blocked today off to revise my thesis, but since such revisions are deemed unnecessary (eeee!) and since it is sunny like the springtime I concocted some downtown errands and then ran them.

Downtown Victoria is very pretty all the time, but it is absurdly pretty in the sunshine because then the enormous tulips don't seem quite as ludicrous.

It was, importantly, sunny and warm.  I wore a light coat.  Unzipped.  No scarf, no boots, almost no leggings (but in the end, leggings, because downtown is plagued by shady bits [as in sunless and cold, not as in dodgy]).

Many much more of this, thanks.


Tikabelle said...

My jealousy of your beautiful day is only eclipsed by the THUNDER outside. I will now re-unearth my candles, locate my bummed lighter, and plug in my iPod in case the power goes out. Again.

Remind me why I live in California again?!?

CONGRATS on your thesis! Feel free to send me bits and pieces if you need a semicolon nazi. I expect you won't need one; you're an excellent writer! <3

Anonymous said...

So glad that thesis is nearing the end. Wish we lived closer when you have errand days so we could enjoy the sun together. Can't wait til you are here!

Luv Mum

trish said...

Popcorn and cake for dinner? We were meant to be friends...but also to live closer so we can do this together.