Saturday, March 05, 2011

Two posts in one day! I clearly have homework I'm not doing.

Shannon and I went to Costco.  The joke about Costco is that you end up buying a 4-gallon jar of mustard you didn't need.  This is both hilarious and only a joke because who buys the 4-gallon jar of mustard?  Why do they sell the 4-gallon jar of mustard?

The five-litre jug of olive oil, on the other hand...

Garlic clove both for scale and companionship.

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Shari said...

We've bought the mustard! Probably not surprised (David's idea). I had to pour it into lots of smaller mustard containers which seemed to fill up the fridge. Amazingly, it ended up all getting eaten throughout the summer. Lots of BBQ's that year!

Love the olive oil too