Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Needless to say, the snow has melted.

I went for a run today because I just remembered that I'd signed up for a 5k with some girlfriends this Sunday (remembering that I'd signed up and then going for a run is the reason I sign up for 5ks in the first place) and it was actually hot out.  Gloves were a bad choice, and I had to stop and peel off my outermost layer or risk overheating (nipping into a side-street first, obviously.  Taking off clothing on a busy street is the most honk-inducing thing you can do).

I know I blather on about the weather quite a bit this time of year, but SPRING! IS! COMING!  I can't help but hail it.  I love summer for its shorts and bare feet and beaches and sunscreen and I love spring for the anticipation of those things.  It's like the build-up to Christmas.  The sun comes out and suddenly everyone is smiling and strangers high-five you on the street.  This spring in particular I will be graduating and entering the final year of my 20s and going to New York and I am on TENTERHOOKS about it all.  I am trying not to rush this, then, the first day with my naked shoulders out in the sun.

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