Sunday, November 07, 2010

All the fun of having a dog, without having to clean up the poops

We're moving back to the mainland in the fall, which is sad for Shannon and Chelsea and I because I'm not quite sure how I'm going to survive Joel's fourth year without them, so we planned to spend most of this year hanging out.  We used to have 'book club' where we'd get together to gossip and eat brownies and drink and then watch a movie.  It was 'book club' in only the loosest sense.

Book club was hard on our nearly-30 asses, so now we walk the doggies and gossip instead.  Chelsea has an aggressively keen lab/spaniel and Shannon's friend lets her borrow the puggle for walking purposes.  It's a good thing Victoria is rife with beaches

and parks

and more beaches.

I don't have to train them or have them stink up my house, but I get to snuggle their smushed-up faces.

and see Chelsea and Shannon, on the weekly.

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