Monday, November 08, 2010

Many movies. Ok, just two.

My oh me.  This daily blogging is very daily, isn't it.

We had a mini movie marathon last night because I am sick and Joel is tired and when you've spent the whole weekend working on papers or on-call, those last four hours on Sunday don't really count for much.

We saw The Blind Side, which was pleasant and heartwarming and you sort of kept expecting something dire to happen and it never does.  I mean, Big Mike crashes his truck, and that is SUDDEN, but everyone is fine and Sandy isn't even mad.  So.  Very soothing.

And then we saw Repo Men, never to be confused with the seminal '84 classic Repo Man, starring Emilio Esteves and concluding with an alien abduction.  Of the car.  An alien repo man!  I just got it.  Anyway.


Repo Men was waaaaaaaaaay less mellow than The Blind Side.  People are cut open on the regular.  And I have a hard time with Jude Law as a badass.  He is his Jude Lawiest playing the straight-man-with-the-gambling-problem to someone like The Downey (Jr).

Now I will crawl into bed and read Nightmare Abbey, which is a parody of gothic novels, but not a funny one like Northanger Abbey.  Unfunny parodies are worse than unintentionally funny Serious Novels.

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Anonymous said...

When I run the world, ALL parodies will be funny. It's in my campaign platform.