Thursday, November 11, 2010

I could start wearing a watch, I suppose.

Ay me.  Today one of the girls from a class I took last semester was back on the island, and she and I and another girl from that class (we sat in the back right-hand corner and were awesome) went for coffee.  We met at 1:30 and I thought we'd have a million hours until 4:30 when I had to go hang with my twin munchkins, so color me surprised when Twin Munchkin Mom phoned me at 4:45.  The time, she flies.

I was half an hour late for the munchkins, which threw off their evening and the one was wretched while the other was squirrelly.  We got nothing resembling work done.

Now I am exhausted and I feel like I should take a multi-vitamin or something, because I had oatmeal for breakfast and pasta alfredo for lunch and a box of triscuits for dinner.

I need to go lay me down.

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