Monday, November 22, 2010

I need to start wearing mittens over my gloves.

I was doing eleventy loads of laundry yesterday and after I thought I'd done I found some towels that needed washing and was all, Feh, it's been a while since I've washed ALL MY PANTS.  So I washed the towels and all my pants and dried them and when the buzzer buzzed I thought, I need to go get those otherwise I will not have pants tomorrow.  But instead I went and opened a bag of chips.

This morning I woke to clear, cold-looking skies and considered going downstairs to get pants but we are currently embroiled in a battle with the basement troll where we are passive-aggressively trying to get him to stop leaving the door open all the time on account of it is winter.  We have sense on our side but he is armed with pure, unadulterated crazy, so.  I opted not to complicate things by entering his lair before noon, and wore a dress with tights.

I totally chose unwisely.  It dumped snow while I was in class and continued to dump snow while I walked to the gym (aside: as I'm walking to the gym this guy is like, Only in Victoria would someone be using an umbrella in the snow.  And I was like, What an odd thing to say.  Right?  Maybe not everyone has an umbrella on them AT ALL TIMES but I am from Vancouver, where it rains all of the days, and if you have an umbrella on you and it's precipitating you will use it, right?  This is not just me?  Bizzare man) and my knees froze and two buses passed me because they were full and people who claim to love the snow obviously do not take public transit and I will not be leaving the house until this is done.

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Ky said...

I'm from the prairies, and I'd never ever seen anyone use an umbrella in the snow until yesterday, when I saw a neighbour in Victoria doing it. It looked so bizarre to me: you can brush off snow, so why the umbrella? It must be a west coast thing.