Sunday, November 21, 2010

We are terrible at procuring booze.

Joel and I took the evening off last night to watch the Canucks game, and because we haven't got cable we have to watch them online, which usually means that we see the same commercial every commercial break.  Last night the confluence of a sloppy first period and the same AA commercial played maybe nine times convinced us that a few beers would help the rest of the game go down easier.

There are two liquor stores maybe four blocks from our house, and then a BC Liquor maybe six blocks past that, and as we're driving to the closer of the first two stores (closer only because it's on our side of the street) we're discussing whether it's worth driving the extra six blocks for the slightly cheaper booze.

I don't know if it's the HST or what, but six-packs at our closest store are exceedingly expensive now, so (looking very shifty, I'm sure) we left empty-handed and drove to the BC Liquor.  But because it was Saturday and nearly 8:00 pm, the BC Liquor store was closed.

We swung back to the closest stores, this time going to the one across the street, and made a selection only to almost NOT BE SOLD TO because I hadn't brought ID.  Because we were just nipping out to the store(s).  And Joel had his.  The gal is like, I have to ID both people if they're shopping together, so I'm all, Fine.  I don't know this guy, I am just going to go stand outside for no reason.  Joel's like, I will meet you in the car, person-that-I-do-not-know.

After I left the lady hemmed and hawed and finally sold Joel his beer, and we went back to watch the Canucks lose 7-0.  You were right, AA commercial.  Alcohol has lost its magic.

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leahandmichael said...

maybe you should come back to the CZ. heaps of booze. everywhere.