Thursday, November 04, 2010


Joel and I were invited to an intimate gathering of festively-attired friends, which appealed to the side of us that was unentheused about getting hilariously drunk in a crowd of acquaintances and strangers dressed as a sexy [occupation/animal/cartoon/historical figure].

But what to wear?  I jellyfished it up, with tentacles

and phosphorescence

and a stinger, for stinging.

I was hella stoked about my costume but Joel was too busy to think of anything and I felt like I'd already used up my one good idea for the year when IDEA BULB!  Man Being Eaten By Shark.

All those years of Early Childhood Education, i.e. Four Years Of Learning To Make Things With Posterboard and FunFoam, finally came in handy.  The shark was a big hit, particularly at the later stages of the party when costume bits became swappy, and the Girl Scout ended up in my tentacles

and the late-comer ended up in the Girl Scout's hat

and Fred Flinstone donned Super Mario's hat

and Wilma Flinstone and I swapped lids

and no one didn't wear the shark.

So, a success.


Shari said...

LOVE the shark!

alice c said...

I am totally stealing the shark idea. I am not elegant enough to carry off the jellyfish - nobody would realise it was fancy dress.