Friday, November 19, 2010

Both these treats are well-deserved.

Starbucks has a 2-for-1 deal on their holiday beverages between 2 and 5 pm for the next three days, which I know is like the most specific deal ever, but I like to get at least one peppermint mocha in my body per season AND both Joel and I had the afternoon off school AND had mad homework to do.  So.  I wrote 3000+ words of sloppy term paper and drank this delicious baby on the (semi) cheap!

Now I'm going to grab my wand and go see Harry Potter.  It's...not actually my wand, and I'm not actually bad-ass-core enough to wait in the cold to see HP the day after it opens, but I have friends who are and I like doing things with people who are keen enough to bring their own wands.  And to bring me one as well.

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Chelsie said...

Yay! This post inspired me to go out and score a two for one Christmas coffee... and we got there right at 2, unplanned... I didn't pay attention to the times.