Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why I can't stop watching Glee even though it is SO BAD now.

See!  Here I am, and it's not even 9.

So.  I really only watch, like, three shows (four since I remembered that 30 Rock is legitimately funny and not just a time-kill) and all of them are half-hour comedies because I don't have the attention span or the emotional endurance for dramas. 

Glee is an hour (44 minutes sans ads) but I forgive it this because it has SINGING and DANCING and the first season was full of heart-breaking teenage drama and I cried a lot (remember when Finn thought Quinn's baby was his and he had to tell his mom that he'd gotten a girl knocked up and was going to have to give up his dreams of a football scholarship and college and stay in that two-horse town to raise his baby and then he sang I'll Stand By You to the baby's sonogram?  Me = a soggy mess).

The latter half of the first season slid slightly downhill, but this season outright stinks.  Things that I hate:
  • Mr Schuester
  • Any scene or storyline involving Mr Schuester
  • The way they make Schuester out to be this rad guy when all he makes are awful decisions
  • The way they've reduced each character to a token issue (Mercedes = food, Kurt = teh gays, Rachel = being domineering and then realizing that she's domineering and then getting over herself until the next episode when she's domineering again)
  • Rachel and Finn as a couple when, before they started dating, all their interactions were exceedingly negative and yet Finn was still all, I want to be with you
  • Schuester rapping
  • Schuester singing at all, really
  • How all they do is complain about the budget and yet their numbers get bigger and costumeyer and the other night they sang Singing in the Rain in actual, indoor rain.  I know it's not a real high school glee club, but it used to actually look like one

Reasons, on the other hand, I can't quit it
  • Brittany.  Her schtick might get old eventually, but for now 'When I pulled my hamstring I went to a misogynist' is the best thing that ever happened to that show.  Also she dances like a dervish.
  • Sue.  Obviously.
  • Figgins
  • I actually quite like where they're going with Kurt right now
  • Allllllll right the singing and dancing.  As much as I can't stand Schuester and Rachel only has two settings (Petulant and Broadway) and that's easily half the numbers right there, the group bits are usually very fun and I really like show choir.
  • Uncle Jesse as Carl
Which leads me into my next, more prolongued bit about Schuester and why I hate him, because I had a serious problem with him chasing Emma in season one while he was still married and the show being like, This is a fine thing for him to be doing because his wife is clearly crazy.  See how much the crazy?  So his philandering is totally fine.

Which, yes, the wife is crazy.  I'm not thrilled that she's back, but I'm even less thrilled that Schuester is all, I will sleep with you and then turn you away again because you, crazy lady, clearly need more heartbreak in your life.  Also, I will continue to pursue Emma even though she is HAPPY and HEALTHY with Uncle Jesse (who is surprisingly hilarious) and I want to sabatoge her emotional growth.  But I love her, so it's ok.

Let us not even start on the Never Been Kissed episode where Beiste was all, A kiss is a symbol of affection and trust and ALL SORTS OF GOOD MEANINGFUL THINGS and Schuester is like *pity kiss* which misses the point entirely of what she was saying.

But she went for it!  They always go for it.  Everything Schuester does is portrayed as misguided at worst, and last episode made a point of having the Glee-sters go on about how awesome he is.  The guy is a dick.  Everyone on the show has made a few unwise decisions so far, but Schuester repeatedly makes an ass of himself and no one seems to notice.

So I guess that's my beef. 


Jane said...

I concur re: your thoughts on Schuester.
Never been Kissed epi left me feeling sad.

I will keep watching (although I WON'T rearrange my life to be home on Tuesday nights at 8 pm) because I believe there will be more fabulous '80's tunes to be sung and danced to.

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Amen, sister!

Will is a dick (apparently in real life, too, which always bums me out to learn), and I'm tired of the theme episodes.

Ky said...

I agree with pretty much absolutely everything you're saying here about Glee (esp. the bit that even though it's horrible it's also impossible to stop watching), except about the Beiste kiss. I thought it was less a "pity" kiss and more of a "friend" kiss, and that she dealt with it well, making the make-out joke. I thought it was one of Shuster's less misguided moments.

Also, Katie, you make a good point too. The theme episodes are ridiculous. Remember when the show was driven by continuous plot (i.e. the first several episodes)? Those were good times.

Anonymous said...

You know how everyone is all, "watch Buffy! But don't judge by season 1..."? I hope it's like that, and we'll look back on Glee Season 2 from our lofty Season Four Finale and laugh about it. Also, Will is frustrating to me and a dick. I do think, though, that him sleeping with Terri (she puts the Terri in terrible.. I lol'ed) was an equal fault thing. She took advantage of his sickness and didn't think that once he wasn't hopped up on cough meds (and rectal thermometers? ew?), there would be consequences.

Anonymous said...

The plot last year was way better. I also agree that Britney is one of the best characters. "What's a duet?" and she says "A blanket".

I heart Britney...

leahandmichael said...

so true!! hate Shu. he is driving me crazy. love brit. LOVE uncle jesse in any capacity and just waiting for him to sing. and surprisingly loved gwen, but she needs to work on her dance skilz.

Anonymous said...

So much hate for Mr Shu. He's despicable. Anyone else remember that Finn joined Glee club because Will framed him for drug possession?!! And then he threw his wife against the wall and tried to sabotage Emma's relationship when she's happy... He's awful. I started watching for the gay and I'll keep watching for the gay. It's the gayest show on TV <3 And I don't think I can stop watching for the Brittana moments.