Saturday, November 06, 2010

For your hungry eyes

This isn't a baking blog but sometimes in November it will be because I haven't put pants on today and a day in which you do not put on pants is generally a day in which you do nothing worth blogging about.  Or, you know, nothing you can appropriately blog about.  I am definitely in the former camp.

Y'anyways, here is some food pr0n for your Saturday evening.  For the halloween party last weekend I made fingers and bones. 

For the bones, stick a mini marshmallow on either end of a pretzel stick (stick it in the side of the marshmallow, not the end, for more bone-looking bones) and then toss in white chocolate.  Allow to set.  For the fingers, take sugar cookie dough and add green food-coloring.  More food-coloring = witchier fingers, less = undeadier fingers.  Roll into tubes between YOUR fingers, which will give them ridges that look like knuckles.  Slap an almond slice on the end, to make them almost too fingery to comfortably eat.  Bake.

And then yesterday after my run I made these

which were not super-delicious but which ensandwiched dulce du leche, which I also made yesterday, and which involved boiling an unopened can of sweetened condensed milk which is terrifying because that shit explodes.  You know, sometimes.

Mine did not explode, and while it was fine and whatever between the cookies yesterday it was VERY EXCELLENT today on an apple.

So I win this round.

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alice c said...

Nearly had a panic attack reading this post but remembered JUST in time that pants = trousers in the Brave New World.