Monday, November 29, 2010

Shopping and bread!

Oh my oh me, shopping and bread.

The snow rained out just in time for my sister (and her entire female in-law contingent) to descend on Victoria for Black Friday.  Apparently this is a thing now, where Canadian stores will have sweet deals for American Black Friday.  The crowds haven't yet caught on.

The in-laws do this every year, so they are very strategeric about it.  We met for lunch on Friday, where boo and I shared a quesadilla and got matching grease stains on our jeans.

This is why you can't take us places.  Anyway, then we went to Hillside Mall for three hours, and Bluenotes was having a half-off everything sale which ruined us for every other sale.  Alas.  Then we went to Mayfair Mall for four hours, and then some of the cousins went out to a movie while boo and I went home to have brownies and tea and pass out watching Disney's Robin Hood, because seven hours of shopping is Serious Business.

Saturday morning we had Darren's cousin Michelle over and made Cap'n Crunch-breaded French Toast, which probably needs to be fried in butter rather than a Pam'ed pan because it's difficult to cook the eggy-bread-bits without burning the Cap'n. 

We needed the fortification because Saturday was as long if not longer, shop-wise.  We all hit up Value Village and to Chintz & Co, and after about eight seconds boo and I were done.  The Contingent was just catching its second wind but we were fresh out of winds so we moseyed around Chintz, sitting on all the expensive furniture while the staff gave us side-eye.

This is also why you can't take us places.  We had Pagliacci's bottomless bread (also soup, but soup is just an excuse to eat bread amirite?) for lunch and then hit up the Bay Center, which was a mistake because nothing looks good on you when you have bread-body.  It was dispiriting.

Anywhatever, we had a few hours to kill before the In-Law Contingent was going out for dinner and a show, so we wandered around downtown with Michelle and talked a chocolatier into giving us free samples and staggered through the Festival of Trees.

So many lights numb the mind.  Bekah and Michelle left for dinner and I wandered my weary self home to eat the rest of the Pagliacci bread and slip into a bread-coma.  There was a short but vigorous hike Sunday morning to counter-act the bread products, and also so boo could meet Chelsea and Shannon (and Seamus) and so I could sweat into my new hoodie.  Won't be returning that one now.

Good sisterday weekend, bundtling.  Thank your In-Law Contingent for absorbing me into itself.

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Rebekah Joy Plett said...

We are the best at the worst things. At least we are the best (worst) together. I am so glad you fit right in with the rest of the tall family. Now I don't have to feel so short around my in-law-giants, though you still are the thinner one with nicer boobs.