Saturday, November 13, 2010

My parents have been married for a very long time.

My progenitors are celebrating their anniversary in Sidney at that awesome hotel where you can bring your dog.  You know the one.

Aw, who's happy to be included?  Yes she is.

Since that is practically in our backyard (if our backyard was 25 minutes away) Joel and I went out there last night for a visit.  I'd been running around all day and had a muffin for lunch and Joel had been on-call where he frequently runs out of food so we were more than happy to let them order in Greek and then swing by the bakery to pick up a few things.

We couldn't choose between the cream-cheese cannoli and the orange-brandy cannoli and the lemon merangue tart, so dad got us all of the things.  As dad tends to do.

I thought that with that, and the wine and the coffee, I'd never eat again, but we stuck around long enough to eat all of their chips.  And maybe some of their Babybels.

Thanks for letting us eat you out of pseudo-house and temporary home, parental units.  And for letting me beat you both at Ticket to Ride.  (Also, I beat Joel.  Which has only happened once before.  VICTOIRE!)

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