Wednesday, November 03, 2010

It's better this way

TV-watching, Plett-style involves accrueing large amounts (preferably an entire season) of unwatched episodes of a particular show, and then having at them all in one go.  We watched the entire first season of LOST over a Thanksgiving weekend.  I watched the current season of Project Runway the other night when Joel was on call.

It's delightful both because there is no suspense, no waiting a week for resolution, and because you only have to be invested in a show for a few days at a time.  I find syndicated television-watching exhausting, like it's an appointment I have to show up for every Thursday at 9.  Who is that organized?

When we lived in Vancouver I would bus out to Burnaby every Wednesday to watch America's Next Top Model with Joel's sisters and a couple other gals, and since we've moved to the island I've been watching with a handful of the med studentettes.  Tyra is the great unifyer.  But third year makes it impossible for everyone to commit to one night a week, even if PVR lets us choose that night.

So tonight we got enough of us together to watch the first four episodes and it was so great.  Because we didn't have to wait three weeks for the makeover episode, and when a girl we didn't like didn't get kicked off, we just watched the next one to see if she'd get kicked off then (she didn't). 

It is a perfect system.  The only downside is that if you don't get around to watching the PR finale because you have to go to class, the internet will inevitably spoil it for you.  This is one of the laws of nature.


Anonymous said...

I totally do this! It's so much better with extra episodes to watch. This is why Netflix Instant Watch + Hulu is The New Cable TV.

leahandmichael said...

i miss making fun of tyra with you

trish said...

This is why we need to live closer. I don't have anyone to do this with and it's one of my favorite things to do!